Max Oppenheim website - iMac view

Max Oppenheim

March 14, 2014

When my East London based photographer brother Max Oppenheim approached me for a new website, I knew it would not be an easy job, but it would most certainly be a rewarding one.

Working with someone who’s creative eye & attention to detail is as acute as my own can be a lengthy process, with each party picking at every minute detail before any decisions can be made. I often use the bespoke suit analogy, it can be hard to distinguish why a hand made suit looks different to those hanging on the rails, but it does. Something about that internal paneling & made to measure cut give it an appearance of quality, even if you can’t put your finger on exactly why. In this case it felt a bit like creating a suit for the great Karl Lagerfield!

Max Oppenheim website - iPad view

Each small decision has been thrown back & forth in a process akin to a sort of creative volleyball. Which font size will work to the best effect? how will the spacing on each page affect the overall look? which slideshow timing highlights each striking image long enough, without lingering for a millisecond to long? All of these considerations have been tried, tested & selected with great care.

Max Oppenheim website - iMac view

This meeting of creative minds has been one of great success, as you will see from the end result:

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